Craft time!

I haven’t shared my last project but I will! I am being lazy at the moment working on crafts, sipping on coffee and crocheting. Want to know what I am crocheting?  Cool I thought you would never ask!
I have made my youngest daughter and the two older granddaughters a heart blanket. So I am starting Addison’s blanket now. The color was requested, blue with a white border. I can’t wait to share my progress. My sis helped me pick out the shade of blue and she started my chains!  Thanks sis!


This is the started blanket, the picture below is from the book, what it will look like when I am finished.


Ok, I couldn’t resist sharing Miss Coco snoozing next to me while I craft.


Well I. Finishing my show Once Upon A Time, then some chores and then some football!! Yay for football! And more time to crochet. Have a good day! PS these photos were captured using my new phone. So excited , thank you to my gift giver!! Love you!


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