Here I am!! I am not lost, but FOUND!

PHEW, where o where does the time go!  I never have time for anything it seems anymore.  So before my son throws open the door and says HI, I will post.  Actually I started this last night, but alas….Oh I am wasting time!


SO here is Stix, my lovely enthusiastic, full of expression cat. Oh…gosh, Son is home, oh well, lol

I have been trying to work on some crafts, reading, transporting kids to here and there and there to here and well you get the drift….

But my recent project is a cross stitch for my youngest granddaughter. It seems as I have made the older two a cross stitch but not her, so here is what I have so far….

004Its gonna be so cute!

and the latest book I read…


Good book, but I think the ending was rushed too much.  Guy eats brains of his victims…..eeew!

AND see, I have been busy, here is a blanket I am working on for Addison, each girl has one of these too…


I will show more of the blanket when I get time, it’s a heart crochet pattern.

Ok, time for me to go and get other things going…like dinner, and signing permission slips for field trips…etc

BUT wait…this weekend….drumroll, a weekend of just hubby and I at the beach!!! OMG I can’t wait!!

Have a good night!


2 thoughts on “Here I am!! I am not lost, but FOUND!

  1. teddyandtottie

    Firstly, Stix is absolutely so gorgeous! Secondly, I totally agree with you about not having time for anything any more. Time truly flies. And thirdly, your cross stitch and blanket are very lovely. Lucky grandkids! Have a great time at the beach. xoxox


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