Crafting Projects


So, this hat is for my youngest granddaughter, Addison. They are moving from California to Colorado, and I am trying to make some hats for the girls. However, this will be more of a spring time hat as it’s not as warm.


This is the baby blanket for a friend on my bus, I haven’t made any more progress, but I have a few months yet!


This is a dishcloth for another friend, I have 2 others done, and one more to go following this one before I send to her.



And this is Addison’s birth announcement.  This one will take awhile.  Glad she isn’t in a hurry!!


Here is Miss Coco from this morning. She just woke up and didn’t appreciate her picture being taken!

Off to knitting!



2 thoughts on “Crafting Projects

    1. Tracy Post author

      Ah thank you!! I have now completed two of those projects, and am looking to start another!! I am glad i inspired you, cant wait to see what crafts you choose!


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