A silly post…My day…

My day, however silly it may seem to read about, but I want to share, so…here I go….

So today, I was offered a day off from work with no pay of course, and I gladly accepted. I will be reminded once I get my paycheck why I shouldn’t have but nonetheless, its in the record books. So, I came home, made the kids chicken salad for their lunch, and then waffles for their breakfast, I never get to do those things.  And I decided to make some beans in the crockpot with the chicken broth I made from the awesome traeger chicken we had the other night.  Do you wonder what’s under the towell?


See beans in crockpot, yum yum. Thats whats for dinner.


OH I have to share, our new washer and drier. I am so excited.  I think I have washed so many clothes in the last two weeks!!


See, aren’t they a pretty pair? Samsung, very impressed.


That’s what was under the towell. Oh yummy. I can’t wait for dinner. The house smells so good.  Won’t you grab some butter and come join me?

So please excuse my silly post, or my random post or however you may see it.  I also crocheted on the baby blanket today, its coming along nicely. Future posting!!




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