Baby Boer Goats…ahhh




My Sis, from Blondie’s Bearista, came and visited our baby goats. They are almost 3 weeks old.


Ah, me and one of the lil girls.  We had 4 does and one buckling.



Being a big girl, chewing on hay like Momma.



A round of King of the doghouse!


Whoops, how did Stix get in here. Lol…He looks as if he was in the woodstove sniffing around…lil dirty nose.

On a sad note, we lost one of the does over the weekend. She was a runt and Momma goat didn’t want to take care of her or her sister. Were keeping an eye on the other doe, she has been adopted by another Momma.

I should also mention, that these are part of my daughter’s 4h project this year.



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