a Visit from Sis





We always enjoy when our Sis comes to visit for the day.  We have an adventurous time together, we usually cook up something nummy to eat too.

We went and checked on the baby goats. Aren’t they getting big!!



We made one of our favorite dishes, Chunky Cheese Soup, quick, easy and delicious. Everyone we make it for loves it.


A little snacky poo before lunch. She worked hard chopping all the veggies for our soup.


Ah the finished product. I almost forgot to share with ya, a bit of Italian garlic bread from walmart, a rocking price of 1 buck for this loaf and it was good!!


We both crocheted and watched movies. I finished my baby blanket finally. I will share in a bit.



Later a drive with my son, and the were picking daffodils for me, my favorite flower.

Hope your day’s are going as well as mine are!!



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