Crochet Projects and Gifts…

Well these are all gifts, except one was a gift I gave to someone else and the other’s I received!  I love getting home made crafts!  They are so special!


I made this pink for girl baby blanket for a family on my bus. I don’t know the wife, but I transport her husband daily and was pleasantly surprised when I asked when they were going to have another baby and told…well we just found out were pregnant again! How cool is that, I was the first to know even from the family members! So I made up a special blanket for their new arrival due in just about a month.




Now to my gifts that my Sis gives me. Yep…this is a crocheted Dachshund. Love my wiener dogs!! Isn’t he cute!!



Ones collection would not be complete without a Chicago Bear Stuffed animal. I have the only one that I know of. How special is that! Thanks Sis! Love you!!

So busy day, housework, shopping, and a 4H meeting today. definitely will have some photos to share this afternoon of the animals as were working on showmanship!

Have a good day!



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