Coco the dachshund helps prepare the garden…

With the Pacific Northwest early spring weather I decided to get my garden area started by roto-tilling.  Of course, Miss Coco was available to offer her help as well.


So the area still needs some more tilling, its a small area, but the dirt is HARD.  We grew zucchini and onions last year. The critters though helped themselves to much of our vegetables.  Hubby got stung in the forehead when he tried to help, now he is chicken. lol Our honey bee hive is right by the area and with the sunshine out, the bee’s are really busy.

Now to see what adventures Coco finds to entertain herself with today!

Have a blessed day!

Tracy n Coco



  1. Dachshunds are great digger! One of ours always helps me in the garden, although she digs holes where none are needed. Good job Coco!

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