My gift from my daughter

It took ten days for this wonderful gift to arrive to me from Massachusetts and that was expedited. That’s where the bible ships from). You see, let me fill you in….I recently began going to church, I haven’t been since I was well like 12 yrs and well, lets just say I am a grown woman now…except for last Christmas eve I went to my first Christmas eve service and loved it.

So, my youngest daughter asked if she could go to church, something my oldest has been trying to get me to do for along time.  I decided to honor her request and go with her to see for myself.  Plus her boyfriend is on the Praise Team, he is the drummer.  I fell in love all over again. I love the pastor of this Church, and we came in right at the best time, a new series.

Tired of using the bibles in the church as my reference, or the bibles I have at home, which were from my Grandmother, and Great Grandmother, and to brittle to use, I set my sights on a bible with the suggestion from my oldest daughter.

Well, lil Miss Becca, my awesome daughter, decided to purchase it for me and ever since I have known it was coming, I couldn’t wait!  Today is the day, home sick with a cold, soar throat etc, the bible comes to cheer me up!


I have it opened to what we listened to in church this past Sunday. I look forward to going each weekend. Thank you daughter for the beautiful gift.

I love you!


PS did you see Coco in my picture??? lol



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