Thai food =YUM

My hubby took me out to a little that food restaraunt the other day. I am apprehensive on trying new places because I don’t want to be dissapointed or not know what to order. He had been there twice before with a friend so he knew a few things. First off, I was not dissapointed, oh yum. I will be back!! Thanks honey. The only thing I would change probably is the heat of my curry, I asked for medium and my nose was a running away from me!! I hope you will take the opportunity to try new places. We have made a vow to try new places once a month. Oh goodie. 

We started off with Thai tea. 


And some yummy soup. I snarled my nose at the soup at first, lil chunks of tofu, I thought were going to be yuk, but nope, yummy. 

Then the main course, red pineapple curry with chicken. Oh double yummy. 

   Hubby got the same but with shrimp. 


And to finish off our fabulous lunch, coconut ice cream. Oh yea


So, I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of food and the quality. I also must add that at 11:00 when the doors opened, we were the first customers. But quickly the place filled up and people came in and out for to go orders and sit down lunches. Definitely will go again. 



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