Don’t Judge


Sometimes we don’t learn these life lessons, until we too are affected by something that causes people to judge ones self.  I am facing this battle myself.

I am fighting something that my doctor hasn’t been able to figure out so far. This has been going on since May.

I am tired, I don’t always have visual symptoms, but I do have other symptoms people can’t see. My Doctor can see them, and  a few of my close friends know what’s going on, but in the end, it gets tiring trying to explain to people, whom, might not believe.

I should say it doesn’t matter what people think, but it does. I would be a fool to say it doesn’t matter. Of course I want people to like me, as I used to be, but I have changed. I am not the same me, I want the old me back.

I want to be healthy again, I want to enjoy my life again, I wan’t to be free of health issues.

BUT then I think, I do have some of those things, and I am so much more fortunate the many others.

I watch people, I work with the public, I see what they are going through, I judge what they are going through. Sadly.  Everyone has a story, we just don’t listen or are to wrapped in our own world to recognize, everyone has a story.

I am hoping for some answers, soon, but until then, don’t Judge.  I am learning this through my own trials and tribulations. Don’t judge. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated. PLEASE DON’T JUDGE.

Thanks for listening to my Ramble.


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