About me, well, maybe it’s time that I actually used this page instead of letting it sit there.  So here’s how I will do it:

10  things About Me:

1. I love my family, my daughter’s and my handsome son, they are my everything.  And the man who helped create those everythings, my husband, I love him SOOO much!

2. I live in the state of Oregon, and have lived here most of my life.  I enjoy having 4 seasons, but the winter one tends to be a bit long.

3. I love animals. Cats, Dogs, horses, I love em!

4. I do not like Snakes or spiders. Yuk, they creep me out!

5. I drive a city bus and have for 23 years, although, I am experiencing burn-out. Working on that one!

6. My favorite holiday is a toss up between Halloween and Christmas. I love the decorations for both, but I truly love the meaning of Christmas.

7. I am a Chicago Bears Football fan and have been since the 1980’s.  GO BEARs or Da Bears!

8. I love to read when I can, which doesn’t seem to be as often anymore.

9. I love 4H, my kids are actively involved in the program, and we have our own group.

10. I love photography, I dabble and once in awhile I get that great shot. I also like to share my photography with people, therefore I blog!

11. Oh jeesh, I keep thinking of more!  I LOVE the OREGON COAST! One of my favorite places in the whole world, during nice weather or stormy, it’s always a good time.

Ok, so now you know a bit more about me, as I think of more things, I will add them to my about page.

Oh wait, I already thought of one, I LOVE DACHSHUNDS!!  I love my Coco!!

Summer Time Hot Dogs and S'mores! Oh Yea

Here’s a pic of none other, ME!



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