Silent Sunday 


Time to read

This book came in the mail as a free book from Well actually from the author of the book as I was lucky enough to be chosen to read and review. Off I go to read!!

Here I am!! I am not lost, but FOUND!

PHEW, where o where does the time go!  I never have time for anything it seems anymore.  So before my son throws open the door and says HI, I will post.  Actually I started this last night, but alas….Oh I am wasting time!


SO here is Stix, my lovely enthusiastic, full of expression cat. Oh…gosh, Son is home, oh well, lol

I have been trying to work on some crafts, reading, transporting kids to here and there and there to here and well you get the drift….

But my recent project is a cross stitch for my youngest granddaughter. It seems as I have made the older two a cross stitch but not her, so here is what I have so far….

004Its gonna be so cute!

and the latest book I read…


Good book, but I think the ending was rushed too much.  Guy eats brains of his victims…..eeew!

AND see, I have been busy, here is a blanket I am working on for Addison, each girl has one of these too…


I will show more of the blanket when I get time, it’s a heart crochet pattern.

Ok, time for me to go and get other things going…like dinner, and signing permission slips for field trips…etc

BUT wait…this weekend….drumroll, a weekend of just hubby and I at the beach!!! OMG I can’t wait!!

Have a good night!

Never enough time to read.


This is a book I ordered with a gift card from Barnes and Noble. Not sure really what it’s about, but it caught my eye two separate times. So now it is mine!


I have read two of her books and now o to the third. The first were a memoir and the other about her grandmother. This one is a novel.
I am also reading I am the Messenger by Mark Zusak. I never have enough time to read though.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!!


That means crafts and sleeping in and camping and reading and napping and…oh the list is so long!!



A visit to Powell’s books in portland. I love that place. I wish I had time to read all those books!


I am working on a friendship bracelet for me. Lol. The colors are chicago bears.


My breakfest this morning is a mummy chocolate chip scone made by my daughter. She won reserve champion at county fair therefore allowing her to participate in the state fair. Wish her luck!!

So I have lots to keep me busy. I have a baby blanket to finish, a book or two to read…here is the latest book.


This book started out very slow. And I am not all that thrilled with it. But I hate to start a book and not finish. I usually try and muddle through it. But once in awhile I find one that I just cant finish.
Anyways I better eat my scone and sip my coffee! Have a great day!
PS this post was all done with my phone…..hope its ok!

Keep Portland Weird


I don’t actually like that phrase, as I never thought of Portland as being weird. Well, actually, yea, it’s Weird. It’s changed.  But then what hasn’t?  Portland has all kinds. Literally.  Some I question, but then who am I to question other’s?  So yea…..I still enjoy Portland.

Portland, Oregon is also known for Powell’s book store. I LOVE that place.  Floors and stairs of books, all kind’s of books, and shhh, weird people!! Ha ha.  You could literally get lost in Powell’s Books.  I bought my daughter a book while we were there yesterday, one I hope to read as well, as it was highly recommended by several people.


Here is the book if your interested: And later when I read it, I will let you know how it is. BUT I heard to have a kleenex handy. Sniff Sniff.

030PS Photo courtesy of my daughter, oh and the Hot Cocoa too!

We also went to VooDoo Donuts, but am saving that for a separate post, after all, it deserve’s its own post!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!  Go Bears!