Thankful Thursday

My baby girl graduated, our last one. Now to see what the world has in store for her. Go Tigers!


Don’t Get SICK!

Since Friday I have been down with a Baaaaad chest cold.  Wash your hands, sanitize, get rest, whatever you need to do, because this is one nasty BUG!!  I am going back to work tomorrow, not that I am really ready, but…..I need to.  I hope everyone else is feeling good!

002These things have gotten me through the rough past few days.

003Of course the cat’s snuggles help…when he offers.

004And Coco always snuggles, but she prefer’s not to have her photo taken.

Ok, back to reading and resting until the family get’s home, then bed early and WORK!

Take care


Memories, Dreams and Reflections

Memories, Dreams and Reflections
This was so much fun putting together, thanks!

1. Me!

2. I Love you! My family is my world.
3.  Still Laughing, I love my son’s creations and my Mom’s energy.
4. Winter Wonderland
5. Birthday! My MIL’s 93rd birthday celebration.
6. Friends – Playing Horseshoes.
7. I Was/AM Inspired by my Beautiful Mom.
8. Spring Fever – Trillium’s!
9. Travel – Oregon Coast, my favorite place of all.
10. Summer Days at the County Fair
11. A day in my Life wouldn’t be complete without these two beautiful kids!
12.  All Smiles – I love those smiles.
13. Autumn Harvest
14.  my awesome FAMILY
15.  Celebrate a birthday.
16. Lets Do it Again – Climb Beacon Rock, per my Son’s Request.
17. I Miss you – My beautiful daughter! (this photo was not from last year, but the year before, my son looks so young here.  This reminds me that my daughter and I need to get together this year!)
18. Beautiful, her eyes, love those eye’s and freckles.
19.  Dress Up – Halloween
20. Macro
21.  Happy Holiday’s!  2011
22. one of my FAVORITE’s
23.  My Sis – DON’T EVER CHANGE!
24.  Just because… cat think’s I am the worst person after dusting him with Mite powder!
25.  Hopes and Dreams…..I have many wishes for the year 2012.
I send a picture of yarn, to express my desire to make handmade gifts this year.  I wish the best for my family and friends and hope that they have dreams and hopes that they can fulfill this year as well.
OK…and a small dream……C’mon Chicago Bears….Next year is OURS!! lol…
Have a great day!
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Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to reflect.