Silent Sunday 


Time to read

This book came in the mail as a free book from Well actually from the author of the book as I was lucky enough to be chosen to read and review. Off I go to read!!

Never enough time to read.


This is a book I ordered with a gift card from Barnes and Noble. Not sure really what it’s about, but it caught my eye two separate times. So now it is mine!


I have read two of her books and now o to the third. The first were a memoir and the other about her grandmother. This one is a novel.
I am also reading I am the Messenger by Mark Zusak. I never have enough time to read though.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!!


That means crafts and sleeping in and camping and reading and napping and…oh the list is so long!!



A visit to Powell’s books in portland. I love that place. I wish I had time to read all those books!


I am working on a friendship bracelet for me. Lol. The colors are chicago bears.


My breakfest this morning is a mummy chocolate chip scone made by my daughter. She won reserve champion at county fair therefore allowing her to participate in the state fair. Wish her luck!!

So I have lots to keep me busy. I have a baby blanket to finish, a book or two to read…here is the latest book.


This book started out very slow. And I am not all that thrilled with it. But I hate to start a book and not finish. I usually try and muddle through it. But once in awhile I find one that I just cant finish.
Anyways I better eat my scone and sip my coffee! Have a great day!
PS this post was all done with my phone…..hope its ok!

Book Review – the Racketeer by John Grisham


*Book Review* My book reviews are short and sweet, especially if the book wasn’t good!


A man is in prison, devise’s a plan to free himself along with other characters, does as intended and become’s a free man with other friends, with a load of money.

My rating is more like 2.5 stars. This book did nothing for me.  At first it was slow and I easily bored from it. Then in the middle it picked up and I thought, ok, here we go, I can finish this.  Oh man, I couldn’t wait to finish this, it was bad.  Confusing at times, and just the plot was dead.  Sorry Grisham, I haven’t read many of your’s and this put a sour taste in my mouth to read others that I have heard such good about.

Off to a Debbie Macomber book.

My Rating of the Racketeer 2.5 stars.  On I could only give it whole stars, and I don’t think it’s a two….but, ya you get the idea!


Currently reading


As I mentioned yesterday,  I am in a bit of a reading slump. I tried reading Bitter in the Mouth and finally said enough. Why continue to read a book that I am getting no enjoyment out of.

So while making a quick stop at the store last night,  I saw a John Grisham book on the rack and it was $5.99. So it jumped in my cart…first book I have purchased in quite sometime too. I have read the first chapter and so far I am intrigued to learn more.

However, do you ever read book reviews before reading the book you have selected? It got a loot of one and two star ratings. Sets me up for disappointment.  I hope its a good book, I will continue on.

I have a goal this year of reading 30 books and so far I have read 23, I hope the last seven won’t kill me to find a good book!

What are you reading? Can you recommend a good can’t put down book??

PS This photo was taken with my camera phone….too comfy to get up and get the camera!

Random 5 Friday

105My daughter is the one on the left, love this pic!!

Random 5 Friday and a Recap of the week.

Let’s start with Random 5 Friday hosted by Nancy at A Rural Journal

1.  I love listening to jazz music.  I could read and listen probably all day long. Where as hubby say’s he can only handle it for so long.

2. I am a fan of the reality show Survivor and I can’t wait for the new season to begin!

3. I am glad to have my son home from Germany. I even cried when I saw him coming through the door from customs. The love we have for our kids is unbelievable.

4.  I have been in a reading slump…I decided to quit reading this book lent to me called bitter in the mouth….(It’s just wasn’t doing anything for me).

5.  I love to wake up before anyone in the house, and do my thing. Whatever that thing may be, but it’s my time, my thing.

Ok, now onto some bits about the past week.  Meal planning…sort of went ok.  Monday was great, Tuesday was leftovers, the spinach lasagna rolls, YUM YUM.

Wednesday was supposed to be a chicken bowl….which that was the plan, and put into the crockpot, but that evening, no one felt like eating. SO in the fridge for Thursday, and that dish was awesome! YUM YUM!

Lastnight was burgers, which was supposed to be Thursday, but oh well, a glass of beer and a hamburger patty of Friday hit the spot.

I am also way behind in sharing photos from the beach.  Work has a habit of getting in the way. Also, A friend and I walk home from where we get off of our shift, it’s about 3 miles, and that is wearing me OUT!

I will be back in later today, so stay tuned for more beach pics!!

Thanks all for following me and I hope you have a great weekend!