Downtown Portland, Oregon – an Adventu

So I took the last two days of spring break off to spend with my children.  We decided on a trip to downtown Portland with another friend and her children.  The weather was absolutely PERFECT.

I love Portland for it’s quirkiness, not that it’s known for being weird. Thus the phrase “Keep Portland Weird”.  Let’s just say, there is never a dull moment in Portland.

I have more pictures to share, but only edited a couple this morning as I am on the hunt for a different editor. Or I will just go back to using my desktop as I have elements on it.

So we started out by taking the MAX to Portland, no use in driving your car when we can take mass transit everywhere.  First stop was Voodoo donuts.  Oh yummy. And the line was pleasantly short. Phew.



The two on the right are mango, oh yummy and the one I chose was a McMinville cream.  There were more on the bottom covered in Oreo’s.

Then off to walk the esplanade and avoid getting ran over by fast bicycles.

steelbridge steelbridge1

This is the Steele Bridge. Fascinating. It serves Union Pacific, Max, cars, busses people, and lifts to allow river traffic.

I have more pictures to share, but the editor I am using I don’t like what it did to one of the photos.  So I will be back later today to finish the journey in Portland, Oregon.

Until then, enjoy the day!


Portland’s Pioneer Square

There’s always something going on in downtown Portland.  Especially at Pioneer Square…otherwise known as Portland’s living room.  So we were down there the other day, and I thought I would share a bit of Portland, Oregon with all of you!


This is where News channel 8 films their 4 o’clock afternoon show. …..of course we tried to get in on the picture…and we did, and hubby recorded it for us at home.


Portland’s living room. 003



Trimet’s Max Train…my sis operates one of these…I have too, not this type tho, these car’s came after I left. 014

Which way should I go??


Lots of pigeons at Pioneer Square, well for downtown period. This young lady was having great fun trying to catch a pigeon. She came really close a couple of times. I don’t know what she would have done had she caught one!







While we visited Sauvie’s Island we were treated to a number of wildlife sightings. This sighting of an Osprey just tickled boy my Sis and I.  The osprey was worried we were getting too close and was squaking at us.  It was beautiful to watch the osprey fly around and then land in the nest.  We also saw little birds, in and out of the big osprey nest. Not babies, but little random birds fluttering in and out of the the sticks.