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I am not the greatest at showing my love for my husband, but he will forever have my heart. He makes me very happy. Thank you for being my hubby. ❤️


Spring…I mean winter outing…

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Spring has sprung….and we still have 20 days before it’s actually spring. The weather forecast for this week is SUN!  Beautiful!!


Beautiful Lil Flowers



A beautiful view.  From a different location, you can see five mountains. Oregon is so beautiful.


Even weeds are beautiful!!


This would have turned out better if my mirror’s were clean, but hec, I live on a dirt road, and the chances of clean window’s or mirrors are about the same as me winning the lottery!

My daughter is learning to drive, so she stopped so I could take my own selfie! With her driving I can view more of the scenery…well some of it…I still use my feet for the brakes and gas! lol

Have a good day everyone!