Random 5 Friday


My photographer crazy Sis….I love her!!  This bus is one of the ones the company I work for uses.  I don’t like this type of bus, and fortunately, it’s not out of the garage I drive from.  The driver of this bus was enjoying his lunch at Sauvie’s Island. What a great place for lunch!


Random 5 Friday Hosted by Nancy at A Rural Journal

1.  Yesterday was hubby’s birthday, he had been out of town for a few days, as well as the kids….kids are still gone until this morning, so we took advantage and went downtown Portland to Kells Irish Brew Pub and had dinner.  OH YUM, I made the right choice and ordered a yummy reuben sandwhich.  Hubby not so lucky as the fish and chips were…ho hum.

2.  We have 5 grandkids coming today from Idaho, can’t wait to spend some time with them.

3.  I finished Fifty Shades Darker, and yes, I will go on to the third book….however, I am not impressed. I skim through all the sex parts, and I can’t see how it can become a movie…it would have to be rated XXX.

4.  Its going to be hot this week, I should go out and water while it’s early.  The plants will probably love me for it.

5.  Coffee time, yea, I think it’s coffee time…..off to make a pot of coffee and sip it while listening to the birds and maybe pick up my Debbie Macomber book that I won from librarything.com

Enjoy the weekend everyone, stay cool, stay out of trouble and live life to its fullest!